- The Path to Customer Experience


Integrated Platform, Cloud-Native Architecture, and Real-Time Personalized Offerings


In this IDC Opinion piece you will uncover how marketing plays a more strategic role in driving business growth and what the future of Marketing will consider a priority in the IDC forecast.


Brands will be divided into winners and losers based on how quickly CMOs are transforming their organizations to deliver digital-first journeys. They will use smart insights and innovative technologies to seamlessly engage buyers in the "human to digital experience."


Learn why digital marketers will require a cloud-native architecture that is scalable, realtime, and capable of delivering personalized experiences to address the customers expectations to get "digital, first and always" interactions with brands via their digital channels.


(Download the complete 8 pages IDC Tech Brief paper to discover the Path to a comprehensive Customer Experience)

Discover some of the findings of the IDC Study:

... Discover how CMOs are transforming their organizations to deliver digital-first journeys

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