Why get HCL Unica Now?

  • Easily reach your customers on any channel with powerful closed-loop messaging, all delivered from an open and unified platform.

  • Quickly orchestrate impactful customer journeys using HCL Unica’s simple 3rd party channels and data source connectors.

  • Track the progress of your marketing goals and dynamically rework your customer journeys on the fly.

Move to HCL NOW


TCO Study

Analyze the numbers to ensure HCL Now works for you financially.


Determine how to move and upgrade you to the latest versions of HCL software in a cloud-native deployment.


Spin up trial instances in HCL SoFY to show how it will look and work.


Move from Trial to Test environments to integrate with your systems and other technology providers.

Production Readiness

Spin up production instances for final stress testing and readiness

Go Live

Bring your software online fully managed in HCL Now.

Focus on Strategic Priorities While Doing Less

Deploy updates and features on your schedule, not when dictated by a vendor

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