Discover How Global Marketing Leaders are Looking for Growth Recovery in 2022


In this important report from CMO Council, nearly two-thirds of 200 members surveyed worldwide say they will boost marketing spend in the coming year. The ability to do that relies on MarTech, and 69% of marketers said that their MarTech spend would increase in 2022.​


MarTech investments can be helpful in:

  • Filling in gaps along the customer journey
  • Improving digital engagement
  • Better targeting the audiences with relevant campaigns
  • Automating processes
  • Managing multiple campaigns


These leaders' top priorities focus on digital marketing transformation, creating value from customer data and upgrading customer engagement and experience.


Download the report and explore how HCL Unica can derive more ROI from your entire MarTech ecosystem, including 3rd party applications, by seamlessly orchestrating the customer experience across touchpoints.