Create value and improve lives

Delivering Connected Patient Care and Value-Based Provider and Clinical Experiences to make a difference

Developing Agile Connected Health Products that Deliver Meaningful Outcomes

Protecting Your Assets, Your Data, Your Brand and Your Future against Financial Crime

Optimize your patient care journey with personalized experiences that deliver meaningful outcomes

HCL Unica

Create innovative digital multichannel experiences that connect your patients, care teams, workforce, and data

HCL Digital Experience

Gain deep behavioral insights into the patient journey, while creating positive experiences

HCL Discover

Deliver cost-effective and secure digital health mobile applications that accelerate patient care, clinical services and operations


Increase your bottom line with extensive sales model support

HCL Commerce

Improve digital health software delivery performance and governance

HCL Accelerate

Detect and report application security risks in real-time and minimize business disruptions

HCL AppScan

Accelerate project delivery times with process customization

HCL Compass

Deploy anything with a versatile, enterprise-level solution in the highly-regulated healthcare environment

HCL Launch

Reduce cost by detecting patient and provider care software defects early.

HCL OneTest

Optimize and automate complex workloads for greater IT efficiency

HCL OneTest Embedded

Control access to all stages of development with audit trails to ensure healthcare compliance

HCL VersionVault

Detect and report application security risks in real-time and minimize business disruptions.

HCL AppScan

Gain full visibility and control, and ensure continuous compliance across your connected healthcare endpoints, IT and Security operations

HCL BigFix