About HCL BigFix Workspace+

About HCL BigFix Workspace

About HCL BigFix Workspace+

HCL BigFix Workspace+ is a transformative workspace management offering, providing organizations with a holistic approach to streamlining operations, fortifying cybersecurity and enhancing the digital employee experience.

HCL BigFix Workspace+ includes HCL BigFix AEX (AI-powered Employee eXperience). It enables an employee to ask questions in natural language and offers both quick and accurate answers and guidance to computing problems that employees experience every day. HCL BigFix AEX can significantly increase employee productivity and satisfaction while simultaneously reducing IT

workload by leveraging the largest library of IT automation available in the market.

Empowering enterprises can enhance the Digital Employee eXperience (DEX) by delivering uninterrupted workflows, enhanced productivity and streamlined IT operations that fosters a more efficient and satisfying work environment. HCL BigFix Workspace+ reflects our commitment to redefining workspace management with intelligence, efficiency and unwavering security.

Capabilities and Features

Why choose HCL BigFix Workspace+?

Our clients don't just praise HCL BigFix for its versatility; they credit it with transforming their business. Its lightning-fast implementation and ability to tackle any challenge is driven by a broad set of capabilities and an enormous number of reusable assets.


Operating systems supported


Managed endpoints in 47 countries


Ready-to-deploy content


Software titles discovered


Out-of-the-Box compliance checks


Actives Use Cases for AI-driven Employee eXpereince

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