Comprehensive Workspace Management with AI-Driven Employee Experience

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Introducing HCL BigFix Workspace

Comprehensive Workspace Management with AI-Driven Employee Experience

HCL BigFix Workspace provides a single industry-leading platform for managing workstations, laptops, and mobile devices. It provides the world’s most advanced laptop management with the most expansive set of IT automation capabilities. Innovative technologies for vulnerability remediation and risk reduction instantly indicate the most effective patching strategy against CVEs used by MITRE APTs.

HCL BigFix Workspace Unique Capabilities

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HCL BigFix Workspace Benefits

Improve employee experience

An industry-leading, workspace management solution with a self-service application that provides one-click resolution of common user issues and delivers access to the world’s biggest set of IT automations as well as to a powerful AI-driven employee experience platform called HCL BigFix AEX. Both solutions substantially reduce service desk calls while improving employee satisfaction.

Elevate security and zero trust

Technologies for vulnerability remediation risk reduction technologies that instantly tell you how you stack up against the most dangerous MITRE APTs and CISA Known Exploited Vulnerability patching due dates. We highlight the most efficient patch strategies to maintain business continuity, reduce the vulnerability attack surface, and prove cyber risk reduction.

Intelligent automation

Automate device discovery, provisioning of operating systems and applications, patching, policy updates, vulnerability remediation and reporting to reduce manual effort and increase efficiency.

Unify tools, teams and processes

Fix problems and save money by using one solution to manage and secure every endpoint regardless of device type, employee location, connectivity, or operating system.

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