What we achieved

  • Efficient

    parts planning and order system

  • Improved

    customer satisfaction score

  • Reduced time-to-order

    due to faster parts identification

To who


  • Part 1 Challenge

    Heavy, offline manuals requiring physical lookup by customers for parts selection, which were difficult to update and maintain current data, as well as wield to place orders.

  • Part 2 Solution

    HCL Aftermarket Cloud Digital Catalog digitized the entire parts manual with a simple lookup feature.

  • Part 3 Results

    Efficient parts planning and order system enabled by the solution, reduced time-to-order with faster parts identification and regular catalog revisions, ultimately leading to an improvement in customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

Business Challenge Story

In the evolving world of products and parts, the construction company had many laborious manual processes and needed digitization to keep up with the fast-moving times. They used to maintain heavy, offline manuals for parts selection which were given to customers. These manuals were spiral bound and difficult to handle. They were not capable of adapting to the dynamic changes in machinery parts such as cost improvements, weight and quality. As a result, any changes that took place in the parts were not visible to the customer, leading to confusion and potentially incorrect part selections.

The Solution

Transformation Story

Navigating ERP chaos and data cleansing can be a nightmare. HCLSoftware’s solution team helped the construction company obliterate several challenges during the implementation of the digital catalog. Some of these challenges were:

  • Use of multiple ERP systems across various countries
  • Consolidation of disparate systems which posed significant challenges
  • Consolidation of disparate systems which posed significant challenges
  • Uncertainty around the requirements for a digital catalog solution made the implementation more difficult
  • Normalizing and cleansing the ERP data was a time-consuming process, taking up to a year to complete

The Results

Results Story

HCLSoftware was able to deliver seamless parts planning, order management, and multilingual support through the HCL Aftermarket Cloud Digital Catalog. The construction equipment company’s parts catalog was completely digitized with model and chassis specific structuring and drawing association.

Key highlights of the new solution:


  • Comprehensive technical documentation mapping for every machine serial number
  • Seamless integration with client ERP for real-time information display
  • Offline access to the HCL Aftermarket Cloud Digital Catalog on mobile and tablet devices that could cater to the needs of on-field technicians
  • Single solution provided by the HCL Aftermarket Digital Catalog can be used for both model-based and serial-based catalogs without the need for additional training
  • Easy-to-understand visuals of electric and hydraulic installations adhering to graphical perspective view


The HCL Aftermarket Cloud Digital Catalog also provided business advantages. The company benefited from an efficient parts planning and order system enabled by the solution. Time-to-order was reduced with faster parts identification and regular catalog revisions. The tool’s automated hotspot identification feature has helped the company streamline their aftermarket related documents. They could completely transition from printed catalogs to serial number specific HCL Aftermarket Digital Catalog solution, adding a feather to their go-green initiative. Appealing catalog visuals helped them differentiate themselves from competition. Post implementation, they noted an improved customer satisfaction score.


To sum up, the high level of flexibility ingrained in the system has allowed the construction equipment company to adapt quickly to changing business needs, provide better customer experience and create a distinctive place for itself in the market.

About the company

A Belgium headquartered company that had been shaking up the construction and mining industry for over 30 years recently realized the need to transform their cataloging process.

With a team of over 400 employees and locations in more than 20 countries, this global company values collaboration and inclusivity. From compact machines to large-scale equipment, this company offers a wide range of products including crushers and screeners. Creating, maintaining and updating the list of their products’ spare parts was always a herculean task - from printing the catalog to distributing it to ensuring updates are sent to every customer - the process was tedious, costly and time-consuming. The leaders knew it was time to bring a radical change.

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