What is Zero Trust?

Zero Trust (ZT) is the term for an evolving set of cybersecurity standards, moving defenses from static, network-based perimeters to focus on users and assets. A zero trust architecture (ZTA) uses these principles to plan workplace infrastructure and workflows. ZT assumes there is no implicit trust granted to assets or accounts based solely on their physical location or asset ownership.

How HCL BigFix Can Help Advance Your Zero Trust Security

Endpoints are your first line of defense when it comes to a Zero Trust architecture. Discover how you can revamp your security strategy with HCL BigFix Zero Trust Endpoint Management - identify risks, manage configurations, and monitor all your endpoints for Zero Trust compliance. Here is how HCL BigFix supercharges your Zero Trust path:


HCL BigFix can help you achieve the Zero Trust philosophy of “never trust, always verify,” while improving your organization’s security posture, protection, and regulatory compliance.

Don’t wait to build your Zero Trust security plan. Start your journey to better cybersecurity by learning how HCL BigFix endpoint management can streamline your workflows toward a Zero Trust Architecture.

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