Banking Compliance

Banking Compliance

Banking Compliance

Financial institutions are particularly susceptible to cyberattacks due to their central role in the economy and the vast amounts of sensitive and valuable data they process. Not only do cyberattacks have the potential to cause immense economic loss, they can also significantly undermine public trust and confidence in these institutions. Additionally, financial institutions must protect personal identifiable information (PII) including financial information, customer names, addresses, social security numbers, credit card information and financial transactions.

To address these challenges, it is essential that financial institutions implement robust security measures and maintain compliance to industry and regulatory standards.

Key Standards

Several compliance standards and mandates exist to help financial institutions improve endpoint security and compliance in order to mitigate cyber risk.

How HCL BigFix Can Help

HCL BigFix stands out as the premier endpoint security and management solution for banks and financial institutions. HCL BigFix Workspace+ and HCL BigFix Enterprise+ are comprehensive, all-in-one solutions for securing and managing user devices and infrastructure servers. HCL BigFix is an effective solution for:

  • Risk assessments
  • Incident response, remediating specific issues which led to the incident
  • Remediating vulnerabilities identified by security scanners, CISA and MITRE
  • Patch management
  • Configuration management
  • Continuous compliance and reporting

How is HCL BigFix unique?

HCL BigFix is a powerful solution for organizations who must comply with industry or regulatory compliance requirements because we have:

  • Broadest Device and OS Support: We can help you support more OS and device types that require compliance management than any other single solution
  • Continuous Compliance Enforcement: We are the only solution that automatically enforces a compliant state on devices.
  • Greatest Automation Library: We have more automation to support more compliance use case than any other solution.
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