Healthcare Compliance

Healthcare Compliance

Healthcare Compliance

Healthcare organizations navigate a complex web of IT-related compliance standards and regulations to ensure security and privacy of patient data. Compliance is required by healthcare providers, payors, clearinghouses, and business associates of these entities. Generally, anyone who processes electronic patient health information (ePHI) must comply with HIPAA.

Key Standards

Most compliance standards mandate healthcare organizations to ensure endpoint security and compliance in order to protect ePHI that is securely stored and accessed.

How can HCL BigFix help?

HCL BigFix stands out as the premier endpoint security and management solution for the healthcare industry. HCL BigFix Workspace+ and HCL BigFix Enterprise+ are comprehensive, all-in-one solutions to manage and secure end-user devices and infrastructure servers.

Both offerings incorporate AI technology, provides powerful patching and vulnerability remediation, enables complete lifecycle management, and thereby, help organizations achieve and maintain compliance to various industry and regulatory standards such as HIPAA, CIS, PCI DSS, DISA STIG and others.

How is HCL BigFix unique?

HCL BigFix is a powerful solution for organizations who must comply with industry or regulatory compliance requirements because we have:

  • Broadest Device and OS Support: We can help you support more OS and device types that require compliance management than any other single solution
  • Continuous Compliance Enforcement: We are the only solution that automatically enforces a compliant state on devices.
  • Greatest Automation Library: We have more automation to support more compliance use case than any other solution.
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