Complex Employee Experience Because of Disparate Service Delivery Tools?

Complex Employee Experience Because of Disparate Service Delivery Tools?

Complex Employee Experience Because of Disparate Service Delivery Tools?

Accelerate business transformation with superior onboarding and delivery experience across all business functions using HCL SX.

In today's dynamic digital landscape, the delivery and consumption of services face formidable challenges. These include extensive customizations, isolated processes, and subpar user experiences, resulting in elevated OPEX, decreased employee productivity, and missed business opportunities. Common challenges include:

  • Frequent customizations
  • Complex user interface
  • Hierarchical approval-based consumptions
  • Lack of process maturity
  • Poor user experience
  • Huge service desk operations costs
  • Business function specific service delivery modules incurring additional charges

Transforming service management, HCL SX is a comprehensive, enterprise-grade, cloud native SaaS service management product for everything-as-a-service delivery with AI driven intelligence, saving overall cost of operations and time to value, driving faster ROI.

The SX Advantage

Harness the power of innovation by standardized service delivery across enterprise

High Enterprise-Wide Adoption With Enhanced User Experience

Experience the strength of an intuitive, single engagement platform for all employee services. Enjoy visually rich reports and dashboards that empower self-service capabilities. Coupled with traditional and crowdsourced collaborative knowledge, our progressive web app offers on-demand access from any device, anywhere and anytime, elevating user experience and driving productivity through increased self-help.

Faster Time to Value

HCL SX’s capabilities of quick onboarding, orchestration of mature, repeatable, and readily usable pre-configured fulfillment processes, policies, and workflows grounded in best practices, strong integrations and vendor governance, reconciliation, flexible configurable options ensure standardized, efficient, and accelerated service delivery across business functions.

Seamless Upgrade and Maintenance With High Level of Configurability

No code, microservices architecture helps in attaining high degree of configurability in the product which eliminates the need of specialized skill set for any administrative or operational activities and ensure 1-click upgrade with insignificant downtime and no re-implementation effort, thereby, directly reducing the cost of ownership.

Security at the Core

HCL SX prioritizes security with multi-factor authentication, data segregation across people, processes, configurations, and transactions, data encryption, and rapid insights resulting in informed decision-making for advanced multi-tenancy and dedicated offerings.

Our Impact

One Enterprise I One Product I All Employee Services I Simplest Licensing


Reduction in total cost of ownership compared to leading vendors


Reduction in time to publish a new service


Reduction in MTTR

1 MN

On average service requests closed annually

The SX Innovation

Simplify Service Management and Service Delivery

HCL SX Capabilities

HCL SX offers a range of services to support your IT business operations

  • Incident Management
  • Service Request Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Asset and Config Management
  • SLA Management
  • HUB (Integration Engine)
  • Progressive Web App
  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • No Code
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Task Management
  • Orchestration
  • Knowledge Management
  • Configurable Microservices
  • Reconciliation
  • CVA
  • Agent Assist
  • Live Chat
  • AISM
  • Multi Supplier Governance
  • Multi-Tenancy