Introducing Digital Catalog: Transforming Aftermarket Parts Management

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Introducing Digital Catalog: Transforming Aftermarket Parts Management

Traditional methods of managing and distributing parts catalogs had their challenges, from outdated data, static catalogs, burdened technical support, to complex searches. Our Digital Catalog integrates parts and content management efficiently to deliver a game changing experience. With custom buyer catalogs, comprehensive product details, and real-time inventory, we significantly simplify the process while reducing downtime.

Right Parts Ordered the First Time. Increased Service Tech and Dealer Productivity. Reduced Downtime

HCL Aftermarket Cloud DC Capabilities​

See how DC stands out as a Service Parts Management Solution

Our HCL Aftermarket Cloud Digital Catalog Benefits


Efficient Parts Discovery

Quickly find the right components within the extensive catalog, saving time and boosting technician productivity during repairs and maintenance.


Real-Time Updates

Access the most current product information instantly, eliminating the risk of using outdated data and ensuring precision in ordering and servicing.


Improved Customer Service

Enhance customer satisfaction by swiftly and accurately identifying the required parts, providing a seamless experience, and reducing downtime.


Reduced Environmental Impact

Contribute to environmental sustainability by minimizing printed catalogs and adopting eco-friendly practices, aligning with responsible corporate citizenship.

Our Impact​

HCL Aftermarket Cloud Digital Catalog delivers tangible results every day in diverse asset-centric industries and use cases reducing costs, increasing profits and margins and so much more.


Time saved in placing parts order


Increase in online spare parts orders


Reduction in parts-related enquiry calls to customer support

4 Million

Digitized parts for faster ordering, better accuracy

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