Manage Risk Across Your Entire Software Supply Chain

Achieve Complete Software Supply Chain Security and Risk Management

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HCL AppScan: Achieve Complete Software Supply Chain Security and Risk Management

Manage Risk Across Your Entire Software Supply Chain

In our hyper-connected world of the Digital+ economy, there is a real and increasing risk of costly attacks on your software supply chain. Plugging the gaps and managing that risk effectively is critical to your organization’s success.

HCL AppScan Supply Chain Security gives you full visibility into the risk factors and in-depth assessment tools that let you test, triage and remediate vulnerabilities in record time. Elevate your security posture across your entire software supply chain with a centralized platform, best-in-class application security testing (HCL AppScan on Cloud), and cutting edge Pipeline Bill of Materials (PBOM) technology.


Active Application Security Posture Management (ASPM)


HCL AppScan Supply Chain Security Benefits


Risk prioritization based on active context including exploitability, reachability and business criticality.

Continuous scanning and automated response improves workflows, reduces tool dependency, and provides actionable insights.

Seamless integration into the entire software development life cycle for complete security and risk coverage.

Pipeline Bill of Materials (PBOM) for continuous visibility from code to cloud and traceability from cloud to code.

No-code workflow automation that can be customized based on the security teams’ response and remediation protocols.



Best-in-class Scanning Technologies

Active ASPM relies on the accurate, actionable test findings provided by HCL AppScan on Cloud (a SaaS solution). This suite of technologies (SAST, DAST, SCA, IAST) offers deep source code analysis, web application and API testing, open-source discovery, container scanning, secrets scanning and more.


Pipeline Bill of Materials (PBOM)

PBOM technology provides unparalleled visibility from code to cloud and traceability from cloud to code. The PBOM is a dynamic list of everything a piece of software has gone through, including all version lineage,, SaaSBOM, security tool results, build hashes and more. It starts with the first line of code and continues all the way through to release, identifying any vulnerabilities along the way.


Automated Supply Chain Security and Remediation

HCL AppScan Supply Chain Security automatically maps results to the Open Software Supply Chain Attack Reference (OSC&R) framework (developed by Ox Security), the first and only open framework for understanding the attack techniques, tactics and procedures used by adversaries to compromise the security of the software supply chain.


Remediation Assistance

No-Code Workflow Automation enables DevOps and DevSecOps teams to quickly create intuitive, customizable response plans from an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. This no-code workflow automation, which also extends to container coverage, simplifies the creation of tailored workflows, automating ticketing and notifications, and enforcing granular policies to prevent security issues from reaching production.