Trusted Platform for Dynamic Analysis

Truasted Platform for Dynamic Analysis

Trusted Platform for Dynamic Analysis

Our dynamic application security testing solution is designed for security experts and pen testers to use when performing security tests on web applications and web API. It runs automated scans that explore and test web applications based on one of the most powerful scanning engines available. With this penetration testing tool, you can quickly triage and prioritize issues, using a wealth of information provided including test descriptions and detailed vulnerability descriptions. Advisories provide issue remediation advice and fix recommendations for each detected issue. Organizations can continuously test web applications in the production environment and assess risks before deployment to prevent expensive web application security breaches. 





  • Reduce the overall risk of costly data breaches
  • Reduce the time to find and remediate vulnerabilities in applications
  • Remediate security vulnerabilities before attackers can discover and exploit them
  • Enhance security program management
  • Access detailed results and actionable fix recommendation
  • Perform in-depth security analysis throughout software development
  • Achieve regulatory compliance


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Test Web Applications, Web API, and Mobile Backends

HCL AppScan Standard employs the latest algorithms and techniques with its dynamic application security testing tool to ensure the most accurate crawl coverage and testing. HCL AppScan’s unique Action Based technology and tens of thousands of built-in tests handle real-world application risk from simple web apps, through single page applications to JSON based REST APIs.

Optimize Testing and Perform Incremental Scanning

HCL AppScan Standard allows users to shift the balance between test speed and test accuracy to meet the unique needs of their development lifecycle. Incremental scanning capabilities can be leveraged to save time by limiting the tests to only new portions of the application.

Tackle the Most Complex Applications

HCL AppScan can tailor its testing for all needs. With its advanced configuration, security teams and pen testers are empowered to scan even the most complex scenarios. HCL AppScan records and tests complex multi-step sequences, dynamically generating unique data and tracking all varieties of headers and tokens. Machine Learning capabilities can optimize the crawling of large applications by predicting which links lead to new areas in applications.

Enhance Insight

Extensive reporting offers powerful insights on the issues that are found to simplify issue triage and remediation. HCL AppScan provides comprehensive lists of compliance and industry standard reports (such as PCI, HIPAA, OWASP Top 10, SANS 25, etc.) to assist with all regulatory requirements.