Your Hybrid Infrastructure isn’t Performing as It Should?

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Your Hybrid Infrastructure isn’t Performing as It Should?

Invest in a holistic hybrid-cloud lifecycle management strategy. Cloud-based, decentralized, and unregulated IT ecosystem poses enterprises with a variety of challenges, including increased costs, opacity of cloud infrastructure, and a lack of productivity.
Among the most significant challenges are:
  • Inadequate governance
  • Risks associated with data security and privacy
  • Breach of SLA
  • Reduced efficiency
  • High turnaround time

HCL MyCloud is a hybrid-cloud lifecycle management product that offers optimal governance and monitoring of your cloud infrastructure. With intuitive data visualization and actionable insights, you are always one step ahead.
Intelligent insights that help effectively visualize, manage, and optimize multi-cloud spends, improve governance and strengthen the multi-cloud security posture can be gained with, MyCloud FinOps

Our MyCloud Benefits

Enjoy greater business and IT agility

MyCloud runs a powerful orchestration engine that automates processes across a fleet of cloud services, eliminating the need for users to create support tickets or depend on central IT teams for provisioning resources, thereby eliminating the risk of shadow IT and improving control and governance.

Drive productivity with self-service capability

MyCloud offers customized self-service catalog to create and publish IaaS and PaaS services, and multi-machine blueprints for controlled and repeatable one-click deployments.

Enforce policy-driven governance

MyCloud delivers a unified view of public and private cloud resources and a policy-driven orchestration mechanism so that resource consumption is based on organizational policies and eligibility, thus simplifying capacity planning and resource allocation.

Gain visibility with real-time information

As a result of the real-time granular insights that MyCloud provides, you can make well-informed decisions. You can easily analyze your cloud usage and track resources by bringing in better transparency and greater visibility.

Implement robust security and compliance

MyCloud provides proactive recommendations around performance, fault tolerance, security, and compliance.

Our Impact


Reduction in service provisioning lifecycle


Reduction in deployment time of services


Improvement in asset utilization


Automated provisioning

Will Your Investments Yield Desired Results?

HCL CLARA AI virtual assistant

Will Your Investments Yield Desired Results?

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