Struggling to Achieve a Simplified View of Your IT Environment?

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Struggling to Achieve a Simplified View of Your IT Environment?

Here is a unified dashboard that helps you make instant and informed decisions. In the digital age of highly evolved technologies and complex processes, enterprises often struggle to get complete visibility of their IT environment. The lack of a simplified view poses the following challenges:

  • Time-consuming, manual reporting and governance
  • Absence of customizable and unified dashboards
  • Poor performance visibility
  • Poor data consolidation and interpretation
  • Cost leakages and headroom underutilization

HCL MyXalytics, a unified reporting and dashboarding product, provides a simplified bird’s eye view of operations by converting data from multiple enterprise tools into intuitive and insightful reports. Its cutting-edge capabilities ensure end-to-end integration, expedited publication of reports, and predictive analytics for ITSM data, helping you make quick and correct decisions.

MyXalytics also offers intelligent insights that helps effectively visualize, manage, and optimize multi-cloud spends, improve governance, and strengthen the multi-cloud security posture with a dedicated module, MyXalytics FinOps.

Our MyXalytics Benefits

Identify and diagnose issues

MyXalytics’ integration and drill-through capabilities help you recognize problem areas, analyze the issues, and remedy them immediately, thus preventing downtime and ensuring operational continuity.

Monitor and improve IT performance

MyXalytics comes preconfigured with a set of versatile dashboards, views, and widgets which offer end-to-end visibility of your IT environment and ensures optimized performance.

Enhance user experience

MyXalytics’ intelligent analytics and reporting capabilities brings metrics from disparate systems on a unified console, offering a single source of truth to users and improving their experience and efficiency.

Improve security and compliance

MyXalytics emphasizes role-based control, which enables enhanced data privacy and security. This ensures greatly improved risk management, compliance, and IT governance.

Reduce IT costs

Reduce IT costs

MyXalytics’ wide range of performance monitoring and reporting features reduces the reliance on manual effort, standardizes output, and enables proactive decision making. This helps in reducing overall IT costs and significantly increasing business efficiency.

Our Impact


Reduction in manual reporting effort


Reduction in daily SLA breaches


Reduction in penalties caused by breaches


Increase in CSAT

Will Your Investments Yield Desired Results?

HCL CLARA AI virtual assistant

Will Your Investments Yield Desired Results?

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