The HCL IntelliOps Event Management Advantage

Automated Noise Reduction

HCL IEM suppresses false positives and irrelevant alerts and correlates related alerts across services to identify genuine and actionable alerts. Contextual awareness and machine learning capabilities enable alert correlation and aggregation based on enterprise topology models and temporal patterns.

Integration Management Module (IMM)

Accelerate data ingestion with OOB NiFi connector management via IMM portal that offers single-click connectors for seamless integration with leading element monitoring solutions, ensuring comprehensive data ingestion via NiFi in real time.

Prompt Notifications and Cross-Collaboration

Enable quick chat and collaboration with the team for efficient communication thereby reducing MTTR along with automated notifications to operators for assigned actionable, providing seamless integration with AEX (AI-driven Employee/User Experience)

Use Machine Learning

Get actionable analysis by leveraging a robust correlation engine of condition and time-based correlation for automatic grouping and mapping of alerts with an efficient Feedback System.

Real-Time Unified View of Events, Alerts, and Actionables Across the Enterprise

Insight-rich dashboards highlight MTTD, MTTR, and other KPIs while pinpointing the severity of recurring events and alerts for further analysis.

Our Impact

Act faster with context and insights from
HCL IntelliOps Event Management


Reduction in alert noise


Reduction in actionables


Reduction in incident investigation time


Reduction in unexpected outages

Our Features

Our Features

Our Features

  • Topology-based alert correlation
  • Connector management via IMM portal
  • Noise maintenance windows support
  • Related problems/changes view
  • Cost-saving view
  • ChatOps-driven collaboration with AEX integration
  • Relevant algorithms selection for AI/ML features
  • Temporal-based alert correlation
  • Feedback system for Temporal-based alert correlation
  • Provision of OOB correlation rules