Streamline Your Cloud Cost Visibility, Optimization, and Cloud Governance With Ease

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Streamline Your Cloud Cost Visibility, Optimization, and Cloud Governance With Ease

In a rapidly digitizing business paradigm, cloud platforms have emerged as an essential element for future-facing enterprises. This is also seeing enterprises move beyond private and public cloud platforms and opt for a hybrid cloud model for their business. Hybrid cloud offers you a mélange of benefits, including improved choice of services, increased speed of implementation and execution, and greater scalability. However, it also poses challenges around cloud cost visibility, optimization, and governance. Poor financial management, inadequate reporting capabilities and inability to predict the OPEX costs accurately are the realities of today’s multi-cloud environments.

HCL MyXalytics FinOps, our AI-driven Cloud FinOps Visibility and Insights product that helps you effectively visualize, manage, and optimize your multi-cloud spends.

Our MyXalytics FinOps Benefits

Unified Cloud cost visibility

With granular visibility into all your cloud environments, capture, track the usage patterns over time, and leverage AI and machine learning to accurately forecast budgets and minimize deviations.

Cost anomaly detection

Leverage AI-driven outlier analysis to identify anomalous cloud costs and get alerted via automated notifications using various channels like ITSM, Slack, ChatOps and others.

Cost optimization

Reduce the amount of time spent on analyzing and optimizing your cloud spends by leveraging various techniques like rightsizing, scheduled instances, reserved / committed usage instances, waste elimination, and others.

Cloud governance

Ensure continuous security, compliance, and governance across your cloud environments through native advisory and security visibility and insights.

Task allocation and tracking

Analyze and Identify problem areas, and assign them to concerned teams for resolution, with continuous tracking and updates.

Our Impact


Reduction in manual reporting for multi-cloud cost visibility


Reduction in anomaly-based increase in cloud spend


Improved asset utilization


Cost savings by leveraging cloud native purchase models like reserved instances and committed usage discounts