Struggling with Complexities of New-age Enterprise IT Operations?

HCL CLARA AI virtual assistant

Struggling with Complexities of New-age Enterprise IT Operations?

Enterprise IT is under increasing pressure to deliver always-on, agile, and resilient digital operations. To cope with this dynamic scenario, enterprises are investing heavily in AIOps solutions. However, these investments are not yielding promised results due to:
  • Lack of visibility, analytics & insights into IT and business operations ecosystem
  • Limited automation with reactive human intensive approach
  • Difficulties in analysing trends and patterns across large amounts of historic data
  • Increasing frequency of flood scenarios in a noisy IT environment
  • Cumbersome and time taking processes for tools on-boarding
  • Heightened need for security and continuous compliance
  • Time-consuming virtual asset provisioning/ de-provisioning mechanism
  • Growing complexity and interdependence resulting in an elevated need for operational resilience

HCL CLARA AI virtual assistant

HCL IntelliOps is an AI-first full stack integrated product suite aimed at organizations that require an infusion of advanced AIOps to supercharge their operations ecosystem. With advance intelligence at each layer, IntelliOps offers a unique consumption model that allows customers to select between full-stack managed hosting or from a range of industry-leading IP solutions.

The IntelliOps Advantage | Shaping value-based business outcomes with advanced AIOps

IntelliOps offers a decided advantage over multiple point products as it encapsulates the capabilities of these products in a seamless, pre-integrated, and pre-configured solution.

Maximize value with flexible usage model

Customers can consume various enterprise tools as-a-service and only pay for what they use or opt for full stack AIOps, which can be more cost effective than the traditional licensing models.

One step ahead of traditional AIOps

Do not limit to traditional IT Ops. Instead, humanize AI and supercharge IT and business operations with advanced AIOps.

Augment end-to-end IT landscape with resilient automation

Powered by AI and Machine Learning, IntelliOps infuses automation across the IT ecosystem layers for efficiency, accuracy, scalability, real-time visibility, proactivity, and hence, cost savings.

Switch to OPEX from a CAPEX-heavy approach

Consume tool functionalities without the hassle of license management, implementation, and tool setup in an as-a-service model and pay only for what you consume. Get access to certified tools experts and practitioners as per the requirement.

Infuse agility in your organization to maximize user impact

Insightful reporting can improve speed, maximize data-driven accuracy, business-aligned results, and efficiency in IT operations via trend analytics, SLA breach prediction, continuous patch and compliance, and more.

Enhance business performance with end-to-end visibility

A rich repository of pre-configured dashboards, views, and reports covering key IT operations KPIs.

Secure by Design

Compliant with multiple industry standards for security and governance. Templated world-class robust governance practices and processes for an IT ecosystem that is efficient, compliant, secure and ready for audit.

Our Impact


Reduction in service desk cost


Reduction in penalties caused by breaches


Reduction in incident investigation time


Reduction in MTTR

4 - 5

Months to achieve a zero-touch automation state


Automated provisioning


Reduction in manual reporting effort

The IntelliOps Framework | Enabling AI-driven operational resilience

HCL CLARA AI virtual assistant

The IntelliOps Framework | Enabling AI-driven operational resilience

It is genetically developed to accelerate digital growth, manage hybrid IT operations landscapes, and enable digital operations that are tightly coupled with business goals.