Make Real-time, Informed Decisions with Thorough Insights

Make real-time, informed decisions with thorough insights

Make Real-time, Informed Decisions with Thorough Insights

New-age enterprises are reliant on multiple processes and multilinear operations, making it difficult to have complete understanding and analysis of scenarios. It gets compounded by poor data management, leading to:
  • Rising operational issues even when technical issues are declining
  • Limited visibility into business flow performance
  • No knowledge of downstream impact of a break
  • Penalties due to non-compliance of regulations
  • Reactive issue identification and resolution

HCL DRYiCE iControl

HCL iControl, enabling the Enterprise Command Center, forms the definitive step towards a cost-effective and speedy deployment to empower business decisions, allowing innovation and growth.

Our Vision

To empower our clients with seamless integration between their business processes and IT operations

Our Mission

  • To connect business and IT operations to make them more productive and successful
  • To accelerate collaboration of business and IT operation
  • To provide end-to-end visibility of the critical business value chains
  • To benefit our customers with sustainable efficiency improvements

Looking for end-to-end, real-time business flow insights and intelligence?

The iControl Advantage

Enable faster data-driven business decision making

iControl’s enterprise view coupled with customizable unified dashboards and smart widgets provides the bird’s-eye view of enterprise, enabling faster data-driven decision making and impact analysis.

Analyze impact of IT performance on business outcomes

iControl’s six standardized KPIs/target types help you discover the relationship of IT operations and business objectives. iControl provides the business contextualized observability with a focus on services, service targets, service owners, and the rules.

Predict trends with intelligent insights

iControl’s machine learning (ML) enabled predictive analytics capabilities facilitate informed decisions by providing future trends and business impact of KPIs.

Analyze impact and prepare for the future

With the help of historical data and service intelligence, you can drill down the impact, understand the root causes for disruptions and service breaks, and identify the impacted clients.

Get more for less with flow designer

iControl’s easy-to-use flow designer helps you create and store business flows, process steps, sub-flows, and define KPIs, resulting in granular view of business performance.

GenAI-powered Business Process Engine

Experience the revolution in business process modelling with HCL iControl's GenAI-powered Business Process AI Engine helping reduce the documentation efforts by more than 60%, enabling faster adoption and ensuring adherence to standardized business process practices.
MVP release - 15 July 2024
GA release - 30 September 2024

Our Impact

240 +

Business Workflows

700 +

Business KPIs available

The iControl Outreach | Making multilinear impact across industries

Industry Solution Packs

Industry Solution Packs

Industry Solution Packs

iControl offers over 200 templated, ready-to-use flows that cater to specific industries and helps you implement its capabilities in a faster and better way. Here are the various domains iControl covers:

Multilevel Business Flows

Multilevel Business Flows

Multilevel Business Flows

iControl delivers a multi-level view of business flow performance with the ability to aggregate process flows from child to parent, enabling you to gain intelligent, real-time, and actionable insights.