The Backbone of Innovation


The Backbone of Innovation

Efficiently managing workflow and coordination among people, systems, and digital workers (such as chatbots, RPA bots, or virtual assistants) is challenging. To enhance productivity, organizations need a single orchestrator that interfaces with digital workers and composable business applications. HCL Universal Orchestrator is a hyperautomation enabler that offers visibility, business process mapping, End-to-end orchestration, rule engines, and Workflow modeling, optimizing productivity for organizations.

HCL Universal Orchestrator | Key Features/Capabilities

HCL Universal Orchestrator | Key Benefits

UnO leverages 100% of the cloud-native architecture while reducing overall cost

Expand the Outreach of Automation Limitless Business Scenarios

Unleash the power of cloud-native applications and RESTful API for endless integrations opportunities

Improved Reliability with Higher Availability

Active-active architecture to ensure business continuity and resilience

Improved Performance & Efficiency

Most-effective serverless orchestration of cloud-native applications and resource saving (no-agents required)

Cost Saving (Scalability)

Thanks to self-scaling microservices mechanism and resource optimization naturally provided by Kubernetes platforms

Augmented Agility

Faster applications DevOps cycle thanks to policy-driven continuous planning

Grow Revenue

With improved service lead time thanks to low-code/no-code workflow design approach and self-service automation that increase employee productivity

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HCL Compass

HCL Automation Orchestrator Suite

Unleash the full potential of automation with this powerful automation package that includes HCL Workload Automation, AI-Powered Operations, Automation Hub, and Universal Orchestrator. By harnessing these cutting-edge tools, you can establish a world-class enterprise that thrives in today's dynamic business landscape.