Struggling with Rising IT Issues and SLA Breaches?

Struggling with rising IT issues and SLA breaches

Struggling with Rising IT Issues and SLA Breaches?

Intelligent runbook automation is the response
As a forward-looking enterprise, you must ensure uninterrupted availability of critical IT and business services. However, there are several impeding challenges:
  • Manual systems and processes with no automation
  • Surging ticket count and age as employees settle in New Normal
  • High human error, mean time to resolve (MTTR), and SLA breaches
  • Rising IT operating costs
  • Falling customer satisfaction (CSAT) index

HCL DRYiCE iAutomate

With HCL iAutomate, a powerful, intelligent runbook automation product that leverages AI and ML you can deploy end-to-end incident remediation and task automation to create a responsive and resilient enterprise.

The iAutomate Advantage

Quickly achieve zero-touch automation

iAutomate uses AI to analyze tickets and identifies automation candidates within hours. It continuously learns and drives the automation process, thereby automating the process of automation itself.

Find right response to every request

iAutomate comprehends the context of every issue, recommends relevant solution, and triggers it without manual intervention. With intelligent management of the resolution lifecycle, it reduces effort and improves productivity.

Get industry's best time-to-value

iAutomate comes with more than 3,000 reusable and configurable out-of-the-box runbooks, to enable rapid adoption, deployment, and time-to-value.

Create an enterprise knowledge pool

iAutomate aggregates knowledge from multiple enterprise sources to build a unified knowledge base, resulting in reduced mean time to recovery (MTTR) and improved employee efficiency.

Automate at your own pace

iAutomate offers great flexibility of deployment and scalability to support the growing incidents, events, and tasks volume. It scales as your enterprise grows.

Our Impact


Reduction in service desk costs

5.5 MN

Incidents resolved autonomously


Improvement in SLA compliance


Reduction in MTTR


Increase in CSAT


Month zero-touch-automation state achieved

The iAutomate Diversity

The iAutomate Diversity

The iAutomate Diversity

Encompassing enterprise automation
Based on our domain expertise and industry learnings we have developed a diverse set of ready-to-use AI-powered runbooks to support operations teams – datacenter, cloud, network, security etc.
We automate across all streams of IT requests:
  • Incidents
  • Events
  • Change Request Tasks
  • Service Request Tasks
  • AD-HOC Tasks
  • Scheduled Tasks