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The only tool needed to develop stateful, event-driven and real-time applications

HCL DevOps Model RealTime

Do you develop C++ applications that consist of communicating state machines? Do you want to use UML-RT together with C++ in Eclipse? Then HCL DevOps Model RealTime is the tool you should use!
Compared to coding directly in C++, Model RealTime provides better abstraction, automation and analysis. It provides feature-rich tooling for designing, debugging, building and deploying embedded, IoT and real-time applications.


HCL DevOps Model RealTime

Why choose HCL DevOps Model RealTime

Model RealTime helps you generate consistent, readable, and efficient C++ code that prevents concurrency and performance problems. Graphical state machines are much easier to understand and work with than a low-level C++ implementation. Users of Rational Rose Real-Time can migrate their models to Model RealTime by means of a migration wizard.

UML RealTime and C++

UML-RT provides powerful high-level concepts that allow you to raise the abstraction level when designing your application. Examples include capsules, state machines, ports and many more. These concepts are automatically translated into highly efficient C++ code and can be used together with your other hand-written C++ code.

Graphical Diagram Editors

View and edit your application model using graphical editors such as state machine diagrams, composite structure diagrams and class diagrams.

Model Debugger

Use high-level model debugging and tracing as a complement to traditional C++ debugging for troubleshooting your application and understanding its run-time behavior.

Powerful Run-Time Library

A portable and powerful run-time library, the TargetRTS, provides the run-time services needed by your application. With a long history of successful industrial use, this library is a battle-tested and rock-solid foundation for your application.

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