10 Reasons to Upgrade your HCL BigFix Patch Deployment

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NEW! Reduce your attack surface faster with out of box patch content for over 100 software titles.

You’ve come to count on HCL BigFix for the latest OS patches. New out-of-the-box Patch content eliminates administrators from having to build and test Fixlets saving many hours of effort. The HCL BigFix Content Delivery System has been enhanced to deliver new software titles every month.

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Fix more vulnerabilities faster by integrating HCL BigFix with Tenable or Qualys.

Correlating vulnerability scan data with available remediations can take hours or weeks resulting in an unnecessary security risk. Using BigFix Insights for vulnerability remediation, IT and Security can speed the remediation of vulnerabilities while savings hours or days of effort.

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Streamline your software distribution with simplified file and package management.

HCL BigFix Software Distribution, a component of the HCL BigFix Lifecycle suite, speeds the creation and management of software packages for Windows, Linux and UNIX systems enabling IT Operations to deploy updates and provision systems faster.

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Make better decisions that drive change across your enterprise with HCL BigFix Insights.

If you're tired of getting spreadsheets from other tools and spending hours correlating data, the HCL BigFix Insights data analytics platform, which is included in the HCL BigFix Compliance and Lifecycle suites, reduces the load on administrators by cutting the time to decision and action with information from across the enterprise.

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Enforce compliance with industry standards via out of the box content and analytics.

HCL BigFix Compliance continuously monitors and enforces configuration compliance with thousands of out-of-the-box security checks aligned with industry-standard security benchmarks, affording IT and Security Operations to see, control and report on the state of endpoint compliance across the enterprise.

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Securely assist employees, on or off your network, using remote desktop control.

HCL BigFix Remote Control, which is included in the HCL BigFix Lifecycle suite, allows authorized operators located inside or outside the corporate network to take control of a managed target located anywhere in the world, including unattended workstations and servers.

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Simplify imaging of bare metal servers using operating system hardening and software distribution.

HCL BigFix OS Deployment, which is included in the HCL BigFix Lifecycle Management suite, provides a consolidated, comprehensive solution to quickly deploy new workstations and servers throughout a network from a single, centralized location. This solution saves time and money, enforces a standardized and approved image, and reduces risks associated with non-compliant or insecure configurations.

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Improve versatility of Windows and macOS management by leveraging HCL BigFix agents, MDM-APIs, or both.

HCL BigFix Modern Client Management, included in the HCL BigFix Compliance and Lifecycle suites, allows IT Operations to provision, enroll and manage Windows and macOS devices using MDM APIs as well as through the functions provided by the full-function HCL BigFix agent.

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Automate and speed complex management tasks such as patching of server clusters.

HCL BigFix Lifecycle Server Automation provides the capability to automate provisioning workflows across different endpoints, such as clustered servers. Server Automation exploits the agility and scalability of HCL BigFix to deliver powerful functionality in a lean and efficient manner, with minimal impact on your network.

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Eliminate configuration and compliance drift.

Configuration and compliance drift creates unnecessary security risk. Usually, organizations combat drift using periodic check and remediation cycles which creates windows of vulnerability. HCL BigFix continuous compliance capability automates detection and remediation, thereby reducing security risk while saving hundreds of hours of IT staff time per year.