Empower your IT organization with BigFix ServiceNow Data Flow to better discover, track, and understand your hardware assets by leveraging BigFix's extensive and near real-time endpoint and asset data to enrich your CMDB. Avoid stale or missing data, and ensure that the records in your CMDB are comprehensive, accurate, and up to date to reduce time to resolution of incidents.

Enable your BigFix Operators with BigFix ServiceNow Data Flow by automatically bringing endpoint metadata and business contexts from ServiceNow, such as location, asset owners, business units, and other CMDB fields into your BigFix products. Quickly identify, prioritize, and remediate issues or automate your IT processes with BigFix by having the business context of your endpoints from ServiceNow.


  • Out of the box integration:
    Get up and running quickly to easily exchange endpoint hardware data with this out of the box integration and its preconfigured default mappings.
  • Automated data synchronization:
    Business contexts from ServiceNow CMDB can automatically be synchronized and available within BigFix interfaces for both targeting deployments & policies, as well as reporting purposes
  • Advanced data mappings and transformation:
    Easily define the scope of endpoints and their associated data to synchronize along with the ability to manipulate and transform data on the fly.


  • Enhanced discovery:
    BigFix discovers more endpoints, accurately, and with up-to-date information, improving the data quality of your CMDB.
  • Work from home:
    Easily manage endpoint configurations and policies based on location data made available from ServiceNow CMDB. For instance, automatically ensure that your remote employees have the necessary applications and configurations to work effectively from home.
  • Cost savings:
    Eliminate manual effort and reduce maintenance costs, leading to streamlined operations and reduced time to resolution.





HCL Support


BigFix v10+

ServiceNow versions Orlando, Madrid or New York