ServiceNow Service Graph Connector for BigFix

BigFix ServiceNow Integration enables response organizations to harness the wealth of near real-time endpoint data that BigFix makes available to automatically enrich ServiceNow® CMDB.

Incident management, problem management, and change management are core functions in IT Service Management (ITSM). To effectively provide these services to end users, ServiceNow needs to know exactly what assets are in use with current, accurate configuration data for the areas of service impact analysis, asset management, compliance, and configuration management. The BigFix ServiceNow Integration helps organizations discover, track, and understand their assets by leveraging BigFix’s extensive and near real-time endpoint and asset data to enrich ServiceNow’s Configuration Management Database.



Reduced number of errors and system outages through near real-time discovery.

Automated synchronization of near-real-time endpoint data from BigFix into ServiceNow CMDB.

Reduced mean time to resolution of incidents.

Supports hardware and software data exchange.


The ServiceNow Service Graph Connector for BigFix requires BigFix Inventory – version 10 or later – and supports ServiceNow Versions Orlando Patch 7+, Paris Patch 1+. Review all the requirements of the Connector in the ServiceNow app store.


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