While many organizations are shifting IT workload from on-premise data centers to the cloud, HCL BigFix for Azure enables customers to discover and manage endpoints running in Azure using a consistent and effective approach. By simply installing a scalable Plugin Portal and a plugin for Azure, an IT or cloud operator can discover all cloud virtual machine instances and retrieve various properties of each instance using cloud-native APIs, to obtain full visibility to all cloud instances on a single pane of glass, no matter where the cloud instance is running. For the cloud instances that are managed by both HCL BigFix Agent and cloud native APIs, HCL BigFix provides correlation and consolidation of properties reported via different mechanisms, to eliminate duplicated or inconsistent information and enable management actions on a single entity.


  • Eliminating the need to use each cloud provider's native tools to manage cloud endpoints.
  • Full visibility to all cloud instances across multi-clouds establishing a solid foundation for cloud management and security.
  • Leveraging the existing HCL BigFix deployment to quickly support the 'Lift and Shift' cloud deployment scenarios.


  • Consistency across multi-cloud services: A single effective solution to discover and manage all cloud workloads across multiple cloud infrastructures via plugins to an existing HCL BigFix deployment.
  • Continuous Discovery and Consolidated Visibility: Using Azure native APIs to continuously discover all cloud instances and report complete cloud properties, correlated with data retrieved by HCL BigFix Agent.
  • Effective Hybrid Cloud Management: Managing both public cloud virtual servers and on-premise (private cloud) physical or virtual servers using a single HCL BigFix deployment and the same management model.

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Additional details to ‘Managing Cloud Resources

The Plugin Portal is a new component introduced in HCL BigFix version 10 to help manage cloud devices as well as modern devices such as Windows 10 and MacOS endpoints enrolled to HCL BigFix, see more details here.



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