Grappling to Manage Network Operations and Device Configurations?

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Grappling to Manage Network Operations and Device Configurations?

Leverage end-to-end network lifecycle automation. Growing number of devices and complex processes are constantly adding to the network management issues of the new-age enterprises. Manually monitoring and managing networks is proving to be immensely difficult. The challenges include:
  • Long time to provision, configure, and troubleshoot
  • Error-prone manual changes and resolutions
  • Vendor lock-ins
  • Distributed network control
  • Limited network scalability
HCL DRYiCE NetBot, a workflow driven network automation product offers seamless network management and increases your enterprise agility while reducing recovery time.

Our NetBot Benefits

Reduce recovery time

NetBot’s AI-based troubleshooting module provides a visual representation of remediation workflows with real-time performance metrics. It also empowers network leaders to author troubleshooting blueprints that can be adopted by help desk admins for quick remediation.

Leverage existing investments

NetBot’s conversational interface and integrated universal controller understands pseudo commands allowing admins to log inputs and push commands to a multi-vendor tool ecosystem from a single pane of glass to increase collaboration with Create an orchestrated network environment.

Create an orchestrated network environment

NetBot offers fast deployment and easy scalability. It quickly automates your entire network lifecycle – from day zero provisioning to management to seamless orchestration.

Get real-time actionable insights

NetBot is powered by an analytics framework to drive autonomics and orchestration through real-time actionable insights. Its GUI provides deep network analytics with the ability to schedule, track, verify, log, organize, and report from a single, centralized dashboard.

Build intelligence in your network

NetBot deploys cognitive intelligence to automate responses to high-frequency alerts. Algorithm based decision making and self-learning ability evolve based on experience from new information, new scenarios, and new responses.

Our Impact

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Out-of-box use cases

45 %

Reduction in Mttr